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18/09/07 00:20:44

check the subtitles

Hi, I'm going to add english subtitles at the bottom of the page, in a commentary, but if you are to lazy to read them I'll upload (sooner) the entire page in english in my drunkduck account. Now you don't have excuse to not read my comic!! xDD



FireHawk, 18/09/07 11:31:59

Good idea man. putting an English plug. I think it is better than read the lines then see the comic.

dvm, 19/09/07 10:08:04

Yo!, you r right but is very tedious to put the dialogues again xDD... huh, why we r 'piking in english xD

fuera de bromas, a la gente de DD le gusto el comic, ahora espero que sepan de q se trata xDD

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